100814_063 - Starry Night

The Perseid Meteor Shower is an annual event in the middle of August. This year we were blessed with a dark, moonless sky. Unfortunately, by the time the clouds went away, the shower was just about over. This image was taken about 4am and the constellation Orion, a harbiger of winter, can be seen rising

The image was shot with a Nikon D3x and 17-35/2.8 lens at ISO 400, 30-second exposure.

This image is available framed or matte only in the following sizes:
●    8x10 print / 11x14 matte
●  11x14 print / 16x20 matte
●  16x20 print / 20x24 matte
●  24x30 print / 30x36 matte



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