111011_193 - Haystack Mountain State Park

Wide-angle lenses are the perfect tool for landscape photography. With lenses shorter than 28mm, however, any tilting of the lens will result in a distortion of vertical subjects, like trees or buildings. This is called 'keystoning' and causes straight lines to converge.

This image was captured with a full-frame fisheye. The camera was mounted on a tripod and then pointed straight up. To faciliate composition, a right-angle viewfinder was attached to the camera. Because of the 180-degree angle of view, moving the tripod just a couple of feet completely changes the composition when using such a lens.

The image was shot with a Nikon D3x and 16/2.8 lens at ISO 100.

This image is available framed or matte only in the following sizes:
●    8x10 print / 11x14 matte
●  11x14 print / 16x20 matte
●  16x20 print / 20x24 matte
●  24x30 print / 30x36 matte



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