120826_011 - Flower Bridge, Simsbury

Not far from where the Simsbury Arts & Craft show is held every September, is a foot-bridge that crosses the Farmington River. It can be accessed either from Riverside Rd. or Drake Hill Rd. Drake Hill Rd. connects to Rt. 10 & 202. Originally called the Old Drake Hill Bridge, it was built in 1892 and the name was changed to the Flower Bridge in 1995. It is beautifully maintained by the town and various community groups.

The bridge was captured on an early Sunday morning from the Riverside Rd. side. The zoom lens was set to 24mm and with the position of the sun causing some deep shadows, this image is a composite of five images to preserve the highlights and open up the shadows.

The image was shot with a Nikon D3x and 24-70mm f2.8 lens at ISO 100.

This image is available framed or matte only in the following sizes:
●    8x10 print / 11x14 matte
●  11x14 print / 16x20 matte
●  16x20 print / 20x24 matte
●  24x30 print / 30x36 matte



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