Photographing the Moon

This lecture is designed for beginning and intermediate level photographers who want to capture the moon without second guessing their exposures. Newly revised, it also discusses equipment, composition and planning a moon image.

Table of Contents

Why Photograph the Moon? Equipment & Accessories (cont):
Moon Facts •  Vibration Elimination & Remote Releases
Time & Date Web App: •  The Tripod
•  Moonrise / Moonset Timings •  Right-Angle Finder
Exposure: •  Long Lens Brace
•  Lunar 11 Rule •  Moon Size vs. Focal Length
•  Rising Full Moon •  Moon Movement vs. Focal Length
•  Moon in Twilight Sky •  Filtration
•  Moon in a Dark Sky Planning (Where & When):
•  Moon in the Landscape •  Calendar of Events
Equipment & Accessories: •  Photographic Agenda
•  Desired Camera Features •  Research & Planning
•  Focusing •  The Photographer's Ephemeris
•  Hoodman Loupe Lunar Eclipses
•  White Balance Lunar / Planetary Conjunctions

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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