Intro to Landscape Photography

For beginning and intermediate level photographers, this lecture explores some of the technical aspects of landscape photography. The content is centered around equipment and field techniques with a limited discussion of composition and light. For completeness, this lecture also contains a condensed version of the Tripod and White Balance lectures.

Table of Contents

Essential Gear Shutter Release Modes & Mirror Lockup
The Tripod & Center Column Camera Accessories & Remote Releases
Tripod Head Comparison Exposure Fundamentals
Arca-Swiss Quick-Release System The Sensor & Data Capture
L-Bracket & Center of Gravity The Histogram
Long Lens Brace for Telephotos Tonal Range & ETTR
Zenithal Capture HDR vs. Graduated Neutral Density Filters
Lenses & Landscape Photography Adobe Camera RAW Preferences
Lens Aperture & Depth of Field Compositional Aids
Graduated Neutral-Density Filters The Horizon Line
Lens Cleaning & Lens Flare Photographic Perspective
Auto-Focus and Landscape Photography Subject Placement & Rule of Thirds
Recommended Camera Settings Intro to White Balance
The Viewfinder Research & Planning
Live View & the Hoodman Loupe Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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