Panoramic Photography

For beginning and intermediate level photographers this lecture explores the basics of panoramic photography. The content is centered around equipment and field techniques that can guide you to a successful panoramic image.

Table of Contents

Seminar Topics Convergence Options
Why Panoramic Photography? Tripod Characteristics
What Is a Panoramic? On the Level
Typical Aspect Ratios The Panning Issue
A Brief History Parallax Error
Why Can't I Use a Wide-Angle Lens? Finding the Nodal Point
Wide-Angle Lens Facts Pano Workflow in the Field
Focal Length vs. Angle of View Panoramic Composition
Cropping a Wide-Angle Image: Advantages & Disadvantages Workflow - Computer
Cropping Issues Framing a Panoramic
Image Resolution Using Shift Lenses
Crop & Print Test Vertical Panoramics
How to Achieve More Resolution from a Crop Use a High-Megapixel Camera
Perspective Resources
Convergence Issues Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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