Panoramic Photography

For beginning and intermediate level photographers this lecture explores the basics of panoramic photography. The content is centered around equipment and field techniques that can guide you to a successful panoramic image.

Table of Contents

Lecture Topics Camera / Lens Accessories:
Why Panoramic Photography? •  L-Bracket
A Brief History •  Hoodman Loupe
Equipment: •  Eyecup
•  The Camera •  Remote Release
•  The Lens In the Field
•  Wide-Angle Lens Facts Aspect Ratio
Focal Length vs. Angle of View Cropping an Image
The Tripod: Increasing the Image Resolution:
•  Tripod Recommendations •  Upsample Technique
•  Arca-Swiss Quick-Release System •  DxO Sharpener
•  Tripod Head Photoshop Photomerge
  Printing & Framing a Panoramic

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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