Photographing the Sun

Sunrises and sunsets are long-time iconic images in photography. But what about the sun itself? This lecture shows the safe way of viewing and imaging the sun and other solar techniques to create unique solar images.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer The Tripod:
The Camera: •  Center Column & Tripod Heads
•  Recommended Camera Settings •  Arca-Swiss Quick-Release System
•  The Viewfinder •  L-Bracket & Center of Gravity
•  Live View & The Hoodman Loupe Planning & Preparation:
•  Rear LCD - Image Playback •  Time & Date Web App
Camera Accessories: •  How to Find the Azimuth
•  Remote Releases Zenithal Viewing
The Lens: Exposure
•  Focal Length vs. Movement Sunstar
•  Focal Length vs. Sun Size The Sun in the Landscape
•  Extreme Telephoto Solar Sequence - Photoshop
Zenithal Viewing Sun Streak
Lens Flare Solar Eclipse
Solar Filtration Atmospheric Effects
Long Lens Brace Auroras
Lens Cleaning Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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