Using Telephoto Lenses

Newly revised and updated, this lecture is designed to introduce you to the basics of telephoto lens design and their usage in the field. While slanted towards landscape photography, the techniques can be used for any subject matter

Table of Contents

Why Use a Telephoto? In-Field Usage:
What Does Telephoto Mean? •  Image Optimization
Telephoto vs. Long-Focus Lenses •  Lens Cleaning
Lens Magnification •  Camera Controls
Lens Angle of View •  Mirror Lock-Up
Focal Length vs. Format •  Flare Reduction
Telephoto Subjects & Focal Lengths •  Long Lens Brace
Focal Length Comparisons Tripods 101:
Telephoto Zooms •  Construction
Telephoto Design: •  Physical Characteristics
•  Telephoto Design - Mirror Lenses •  Vibration Testing
•  Telephoto Design Comparison •  In-Field Techniques
Filters & Accessories: •  Tripod Head Comparison
•  Telephoto Filter Comparisons •  Arca-Swiss Quick-Release
Teleconverters: •  A/S Tripod Conversion
•  Teleconverter Comparisons •  Storage & Handling
Image Comparisons & Depth-of-Field Extreme Telephoto Photography

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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