Using Telephoto Lenses

This lecture outlines the physical characteristics of telephoto lenses and their effect on composition. It details the purchase of a qualified support system as well as venturing into the area of extreme telephotos.

Table of Contents

Introduction Imaging Characteristics
Why Use a Telephoto? In-Field Usage - Image Optimization
What Does Telephoto Mean? In-Field Usage - Lens Cleaning
Telephoto vs. Long Focus Lenses In-Field Usage - Camera Controls
Lens Magnification In-Field Usage - Mirror Lock-Up
Lens Field of View In-Field Usage - Flare Reduction
Focal Length vs. Format In-Field Usage - Long Lens Brace
Telephoto Subjects & Focal Lengths Tripods 101
Focal Length Image Comparisons Sources of Vibration
Telephoto Zooms In-Field Techniques
Telephotos and Aperture Tripod Head Comparison
Telephoto Design Arca-Swiss Quick Release - Pro Standard
Mirror Lenses Arca-Swiss Tripod Conversion
Telephoto Design Comparison Tripod Storage & Handling
Filters & Accessories Extreme Telephoto Photography
Telephoto Filter Comparison Converting a Telescope to a Lens
Tele-Converters Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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