Digital Asset Management - DAM

This lecture is for photographers who use PS and BR, have never migrated to LR, and have always worked in the Windows OS. Also for photographers who have difficulty locating an image in their library of digital and/or transparency images.

Table of Contents

Lecture Topics
What is DAM
The Goals of DAM
RAW Files:
•  RAW Files at Capture
•  RAW File Processing
•  XMP / Sidecar Files
•  ARC Save Options
File Organization:
•  Naming Your Folders
•  Folder Structure & Image Number
•  Derivation Folders
Image Download in Windows
Image Download Using Bridge
Batch Rename in Bridge
Batch Synchronization in Bridge
Image Backup
Disaster Recovery & Image Longevity
Memory Card Formatting
DNG Files & DNG Converter
Legacy Files - Slides
Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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