The Sharper Image in Landscape Photography

This lecture delineates the steps to produce the sharpest image possible during Capture, thereby minimizing lengthly image adjustments in digital negative processing.

Table of Contents

Introduction Single Point AF
Seminar Topics Lens Testing
Field Capture Techniques Sharpness vs. Aperture
Landscape Capture Techniques Depth of Field
Tripods 101 Depth of Field - Preview
Summary - So Far Hyper-Focal Guidelines
Camera / Lens Settings Image Sharpness - Mirror Lockup
Image Sharpening Live View
Viewing the Image Hoodman Loupe
The Viewfinder Summary, So Far...
The Sensor Grid Long Lens Brace for Telephotos
Telephoto Design Lens Cleaning
Auto-Focus Modes Final Recommendations
Focusing Systems Resources
  Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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