The Sharper Image in Landscape Photography

This newly revised lecture is about accessories and field techniques for obtaining sharper images with the camera and lens you already own. It spans from setting up your tripod to pressing the shutter.

Table of Contents

The Tripod: Live View:
•  Legs & Center Column •  The Hoodman Loupe & Crane
•  Working Height •  Rear LCD - Image Playback
•  Tripod Heads •  Viewfinder vs. Live View
•  Arca-Swiss Quick-Release The Lens:
The Camera & Accessories: •  Lens Testing & Sharpness Tips
•  Desired Camera Features •  Accessories
•  L-Bracket •  Filters
•  Double Spirit Level •  Lens Flare
•  Remote Releases •  Lens Cleaning
•  Camera Vibrations Depth-of-Field (DoF):
The Viewfinder: •  DoF Markers
•  In-Camera Grid •  Hyperfocal Distance Imaging
•  Correctional Eyepieces •  Double the Front
•  Eyecup Focus Stacking
•  Right-Angle Viewfinder Using Auto-Focus

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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