Image Quality & Print Resolution

This lecture came about by my trying to obtain a 16x20" fine-art print from a 6Mp camera. This is an exploration of Photoshop, image properties, and the ability to generate a quality print. This is my adventure, with all the successes and failures, that I'm now sharing with you.

Table of Contents

The Starting Point - the Original Image Decreasing the Image Resolution
Image Properties Manually Changing the Document Size
File Specifications Changing the Resample Algorithm
PPI - Pixels per Inch Using the Crop Tool
Display Optimization Perfect Resize Software
Competition Specificiations Resizing vs. Resampling
The 72PPI Myth Decreasing the Resolution (again)
Image Size Dialog Box Google/Nik Sharpener
Photoshop Preferences Up-Sample Technique
ACR Preferences The Ending Point - the Final Image
Bit Depth & Color Spaces Viewing Conditions
Assigning a Color Profile Some Final Thoughts
From JPEG to TIFF References
Noise Reduction - Then & Now Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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