Image Quality & Print Resolution

Second in a series of lectures on printing, it begins with first clarifying image properties and resolution. Then explores topics such as resizing vs. resampling, the effects of changing the resolution, noise reduction, and various techniques to obtain a quality 16x20 print from a small JPEG file.

Table of Contents

The Starting Point - the Original Image Decreasing the Image Resolution
Image Properties Manually Changing the Document Size
File Specifications Changing the Resample Algorithm
PPI - Pixels per Inch Using the Crop Tool
Display Optimization Perfect Resize Software
Competition Specificiations Resizing vs. Resampling
The 72PPI Myth Decreasing the Resolution (again)
Image Size Dialog Box DxO NIK Sharpener
Photoshop Preferences Up-Sample Technique
ACR Preferences The Ending Point - the Final Image
Bit Depth & Color Spaces Viewing Conditions
Assigning a Color Profile Some Final Thoughts
From JPEG to TIFF References
Noise Reduction - Then & Now Q & A

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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