Tripods and Their Use in Landscape Photography

This lecture is for beginning photographers who are looking to purchase a tripod for the first time, or those wanting to update their current tripod. Instead of surveying all existing tripods, this lecture centers around the equipment used by professionals in the field.

Table of Contents

Why Use a Tripod? Zenithal Capture
Tripod Legs: Tripod Stability:
•  Leg Tips & Leg Locks •  Leveling the Tripod
•  Tripod Leg Wraps •  L-Bracket & Center of Gravity
Tripod Specifications: Long Lens Brace
•  Tripod Height & Working Height Lens Tripod Collar
•  Tripod Weight & Load Capacity Field Usage
The Center Column Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage
Low Camera Position Tripod Accessories:
Tripod Heads •  Tripod Leg Lights
Tripod Head Comparison •  Panoramic Photography
Arca-Swiss Quick-Release System •  Double-Head Support

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

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