Connecticut Scenics ®  Official Site

● Connecticut Scenics ® was created in 1999 by photographers Peter Guerard and his wife, Michele Morrissey, as a vehicle to display and sell images of their work. Peter has been a photographer since the early 70's, and has shot images from Long Island Sound in southern New England to the Berkshire Mountains in western New England. No longer participating in Arts & Crafts shows, Peter now presents technical lectures on landscape photography to various photography groups within Connecticut. Individual instruction is also available.

● In another life, Peter was a software instructor and course designer for a NYC-based software company for 16+ years. He was also past President of the Charter Oak Photographic Society.

● A lecture disclaimer: Peter uses Nikon cameras because it was first camera he has ever owned. He has always used Nikon equipment and is therefore not familiar with other camera systems. This is not an endorsement for Nikon. It just means the camera satisfies his photographic needs. So while being biased towards Nikon, the lecture topics can easily be applied to other camera systems. He also uses Gitzo tripods for the same reasons.

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