Arts & Crafts Shows

Hello Everyone,

All things must come to an end. After 17 years of participating in Arts & Crafts shows, we have decided that 2017 is our last year. Michele and I would like to thank all the people who purchased our fine-art prints over the years. We will miss talking to you about our work and especially photography.

But Connecticut Scenics is not going away. The images you've admired will be still available on this website and we will continue to add new images. We are transitioning to photo-education, developing and presenting lectures to camera clubs and other photographic groups, on the technical aspects of digital photography.

Lecture notices will appear on the Home Page as well as in the Seminar section. The available lectures are listed along with topics discussed. If you belong to an organization that might enjoy such a presentation, please click on the Contact Us link below.

Again, thanks, from Michele and Peter.

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