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Below is a list of landscape photography PowerPoint ® lectures I have developed. All are over 60-90 minutes in length, plus Q&A, and are designed to be presented to photography groups.

All presentations have a flat fee of $150 for travel within a 60 mile radius of Hartford, CT. I can supply a calibrated video projector and laptop if needed. To view a course table of contents, click on the course number. One-on-One instruction is also available at $50 / hour.

Photo Lectures:

Photo101 - Basic Digital Exposure
Photo102 - Introduction to White Balance - TBA
Photo103 - Photographing the Moon
Photo104 - Introduction to Landscape Photography
Photo105 - Introduction to Panoramic Photography
Photo106 - High Dynamic Range Imaging - TBA
Photo107 - Photographing the Sun
Photo108 - Using Telephoto Lenses
Photo109 - 30 Seconds or Less - Photographing the Stars - TBA
Photo110 - Digital Asset Management: DAM - New
Photo111 - An Introduction to Long Exposure Photography - TBA
Photo112 - Basic Digital Workflow & Print Sharpening - New
Photo113 - The Sharper Image in Landscape Photography
Photo114 - Image Resolution & Print Quality
Photo115 - A Printing Primer
Photo116 - Fisheye Lenses in Landscape Photography - TBA
Photo117 - All about Depth of Field in Landscape Photography - TBA
Photo118 - Tripods and Their Use in Landscape Photography - New
Photo119 - Copying Slides: From Analog to Digital - TBA
Photo120 - Extreme Telephoto Imaging - TBA
Photo121 - Device Color Management - New

Presentation notes are available to lecture participants as a text-only PDF document via email.

If you would like to arrange for a lecture at your location, please click on the Contact Us link below
and send us an email.

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