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This website lists the landscape photography lectures I have developed, for beginning and intermediate photographers, and is designed for desktop or laptop viewing, but not mobile devices. If you wish to see a list of lectures, click on Lectures from the Home page. Clicking on a specific lecture will then lead you to a lecture detail page that shows the main topics to be discussed.

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The other function of What’s New is to list the announcement of newly developed lectures, or any other changes to the website, with the most recent items at the top of the list. From here you can scroll down to the Lectures link below to see the lecture topics.

03-21-21. A new Home Page image. First day of Spring. This was taken at the Elizabeth Park sunrise turnaround overlooking the Hartford skyline. A Nikon D810 with a 24-70/2.8 at 50mm on a Gitzo tripod was used. The exposures were bracketed then merged in Nik HDR Pro2.

11-11-20. A new Home Page image. Around the middle of April and August, the sun rises at precisely 6:15am behind the Stratford Lighthouse with a 72-degree azimuth. In April the sun moves from left-to- right behind the lighthouse, and in August, it reverses its movement. The distance to the lighthouse is somewhat longish and a large image of the sun would require at least a 500mm lens from this vantage point. Of course, early morning colors are always beautiful regardless of the sun's position on the horizon.

11-05-20. I have developed a new lecture: A Short Course on Soft-Proofing. It is approximately 60 minutes in length and is a PowerPoint presentation. Please go to the lecture description to view the topics covered.

09-12-20. We are all set up for virtual lectures. All my connections have been tested using Zoom. Luckily I purchased a Logitech HD 1080P web cam before the pandemic, and I've added a 5" photoflood to augment the face lighting to make the light more even.

06-27-20. New Home Page image. False-color Infrared image of Rockledge Golf Course in West Hartford. Shot with a D800 and a 24-70/2.8 at 24mm. The two images, a visible light image and an infrared image using a Hoya R72 IR filter, were combined in Photoshop using Channels.

06-15-20. After all these months, I just realized my contact email is incorrect. The correct email address is peter.guerard27@comcast.net, not .com as previously listed. My apologies if you have been unsuccessful in trying to contact me.

01-22-20. I have revised the direction and intent of my Retrospective lecture, and it is now titled Think Global, Shoot Local. This lecture explores the advantages of shooting in your local area, whether it be your backyard, your city block, state parks, or your state. It has been added to the list of lectures.

12-31-19. The last shot of the year taken on New Year's Eve from Elizabeth Park in Hartford. This image was originally an 8x24 pano, but center-cropped to fit on the home page. There are two fireworks displays this night; one at 6pm and the other at midnight. Given that I'll probably be asleep at midnight, this was taken at the earlier show with a Nikon 80-400/5.6 at 270mm on a tripod.

12-02-19. Although we have experienced our first snowfall in Connecticut, I'm not ready yet to let go of Autumn. This new home page image was taken of a tree across from my house. It is an early morning shot with a polarizer using a Nikon 17-35/2.8 at 20mm on a tripod.

11-04-19. After almost 16 years of having this website, I finally have posted a portrait of myself on the About page. It was taken by my wife, Michele, in our backyard in front of a blue spruce we affectionately call 'Baby Blue'.

11-03-19. Sometimes you don't have to travel far to get a nice foliage image. This home page image was taken in my backyard with a Sigma 12-24/4 Art lens at 12mm. The colors say it all.

10-19-19. A new lecture has been added:
Photo123 - Every Image Tells a Story. It is a 50-Year Retrospective of my landscape photography.

09-07-19. With autumn around the corner, the Home Page image is of Wood Creek Pond in Norfolk, CT, taken in 2008 with a Nikon D300.

09-03-19. The website has recevied its security certificate from Network Solutions. The logo is now displayed on the home page.

08-31-19. Two new lectures have been added:
Photo 102 - Introduction to White Balance
Photo 117 - Demystifying Depth of Field

Also, two lectures have been revised and updated:
Photo 108 - Using Telephoto Lenses
Photo 118 - Tripods and Their Use in Landscape Photography

08-22-19. The image on the Home page is of Dennis Hill State Park in Norfolk taken in 2004.

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